Boldy James’s new album’s called, My First Chemistry Set. And you’re damn right it’s about drugs. Well, and friends. And this is more of a heads-up. The new Grails record is streaming in full at SPIN. Just follow the link to check Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 4, 5 & 6. Fuckin’ Danny Brown, man. Fuckin L. Time to meet Quadron. Like right now-ish. And Diplo just unloaded some free shitz for ya. Guys like Mike Posner, RiFF RAFF, Travis Porter and Action Bronson sit in on this 6 song banger.

New Hunters vid!!Q Holy . . . shit! Memers of Napalm Death, Sisters of Mercy, Wildhearts, Cardiac and more form MUTATION Stream via Noisey. It’s brutal. Angel? What you got for me, girl (drops on the 15th)? Meet Mapei, everyone. You love her, and you don’t even know it. Her full length hits on Nov. 5th. Serious Maxim mix, here. Download at will. Download some Victor Niglio. This drops on the 28th. Heavy. Time to unload. Remember her? This popped up on iTunes, today.

We’ll try to get you over the hump wit some free tunes. Enjoy More Milosh! Their upcoming breaks on November 26th, and here’s a sample. And you can stream all their previous releases via bandcamp. Listen, I hate posting links, but this one is kinda friggin awesome. Sons of the Morning just posted their entire EP, SPEAK SOON VOLUME ONE, via soundcloud. Here’s some visuals. Lily and Madeleine are so, so lovely, no?

Let’s begin. How bout some post metal? Read words via SPIN And in case you miss the Fool’s Gold ‘Day Off’ party thi summer, here’s a bit of nah-nah-na-boo-boo. But they’ll be havin’ it large this fall, as well. Click for deets. Speaking of having it large, Paste just busted out their Fall Sampler featuring the likes of Sebadoh, Son Lux and The Parson Red Heads. Listen before downloading. Did you know that Calgary has a wicked Dace scene? Me neither. But you learn stuff everyday. Learn even more. And there’s your Friday. Hasta la pasta, y’all!

They call it a trailer coz an new EP is on the way, track coming on Fool’s Gold/Ultra Music 10/8; preview below. Zedd brings on that chick from Paramore on “Stay the Night. Grails sneaks us a peek off their forthcoming Black Tar Prophecies Vol’s 4, 5 & 6 (out 10/15). Turn on, tune in, drop out, yo. You need to download this puppy, and groove to remixes of acts like Grimes, Mos Def and Deftones on: And OFF! asks the most crucial of questions.

Little Le1f mixtape for your weekend. New Grails. Need I say more? And Matt Pond has 3 EPs to download, aptly titled THREEEP. You can listen before downloading HERE How now, Danny Brown. Psych! The Melvins are at SPIN. Listen to that shit there. Also, Tres Cabrones is available for pre-order via iTunes. Have good weekending. Ja?

Dudes y dudettes – welcome to the future. Cuz you prolly ain’t heard of these birds and blokes. Also, apparently, the future is quite chill. Meet Sohn Meet Clair McGuire: Meet Purple: Check the website Meet Milosh: Meet Hot Sugar: Check him and get more music on Facebook.

Just passing on the savings to you; time-waster style. San Fermin’s debut dropped yesterday, and to commemorate the occasion, they released dis ting: Don’t forget to hit up NPR for a full stream of the album. OR you can catch ‘em live SAN FERMIN LIVE DATES 9/20 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge 9/25 – Montreal, QC – Pop Montreal Festival 9/27 – Cincinnati, OH – MidPoint Music Festival 9/28 – Champaign, IL – Pygmalion Music Festival 9/29 – Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theatre Pub 9/30 – Chicago, IL – Hideout 10/1 – Minneapolis, MN – Bryant Lake (more)

Yeah, it’s been a while. Yeah, I got some shit for ya. Let’s start things harder this time: And then: Only to wind up gettin’ funky (free download): . . . and then I think you know where this is goin’ Don’t forget the remix, ala Com Truise (full EP) Since we’re all chill and stuff But I think this is really what you came for

The crazy kids at Speedrun took a shot at the Cohen Bros cult classic. Here it is

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